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Week of 2023-11-19

Open source

I released Ansible 9.0.0 and subsequent Ansible 9.0.1. It turns out, there was an error in our new setuptools configuration, so we needed to release a hot fix.

I’ve continued my work on improving QA for the ansible community package. See Testing collections within the ansible package on the Ansible Forum for more details!

I updated ansible-core to 2.16.0 and ansible to 9.0.0 in Fedora. We have had packaged pre-releases up until now to enable support for Python 3.12.

I submitted PRs to the ansible-documentation repository to fix our broken 404 page template. Thanks to @felixfontein for helping diagnose the issue!

I also updated ansible in EPEL 8 to correspond to RHEL 9.3’s ansible-core 2.15.x update.

I worked locally on some changes to tomcli to make output formatting more flexible.

Per usual, I helped with ansible-documentation and Fedora distgit PR reviews.

Musical of the week

The Musical of the Week is Spring Awakening. Spring Awakening, based on the 1891 German play of the same name, explores adolescent sexuality through the lens of repressive late 19th century Germany. The musical deals with complex subjects, including religion, suicide, sexual abuse, abortion, and coming to terms with one’s sexual identity. The “taboo” nature of these topics makes them all the more important to discuss. Spring Awakening’s leads, Melchior Gabor and Wendela Bergmann, were Jonathan Groff and Lea Michelle’s breakout roles, respectively.


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