Week of 2023-11-05

I released Ansible 8.6.0 and Ansible 8.6.1. See My First Ansible Release for more details!

I submitted a couple PRs to ansible-build-data to improve the release process documentation and to antsibull to improve parts of the release playbook and fix a regression I introduced in another change 😬.

FESCo approved my Pydantic V2 change. @music and I are now working on the package reviews and other steps to integrate the new major version.

I packaged bindep and ansible-builder for Fedora. They are currently waiting in the updates-testing repository.

I also packaged flit-core for the alternative python3.11 stack in EPEL 9.

RHEL 9.3 was released this week, so I updated the ansible package in EPEL 9 accordingly. In RHEL 9.2, ansible-core was built against python3.11, but it’s now back to the default python3 (python3.9) stack. I updated ansible-core to 2.16.0 in Fedora as well.

The musical of the week is Beetlejuice.


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