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fedrq status

A tool for querying the Fedora and EPEL repositories

fedrq makes it easy to query any branch of Fedora or EPEL. It uses the dnf Python bindings and does not shell out to dnf repoquery. It allows querying for reverse dependencies, packages that contain a certain Provide or file, subpackages of an SRPM, and package metadata.

The tool doesn’t seek to replace every feature of dnf repoquery. It provides a more user friendly interface than dnf repoquery for certain common tasks.

tomcli status

CLI for working with TOML files. Pronounced “tom clee.” This tool was inspired with my frustrations with packaging Python and Rust projects and having to manually patch pyproject.toml and Cargo.toml. It supports reading and writing TOML and supports tomllib, tomli, tomli_w, and tomlkit.

sourcehutx status

sourcehutX provides an async python client for the Sourcehut API implemented using httpx and pydantic.

forge-srpm-macros status

These macros simplify the packaging of forge-hosted projects. They automatically compute the Source urls based on macros set in the specfile. This code has been split out from redhat-rpm-config to ease maintenance.


Various ansible roles and collections. Most roles are in maintenance mode.

mappie status

Python library with collections, frozen mappings, and more. Experimental.

libdnf5-shim status

libdnf5 shim module for usage in virtualenvs. Inspired by

fedora-scripts status

My collection of scripts for Fedora package maintenance and other miscellaneous things.

Ansible Community projects


I co-maintain the 5 antsibull tools used to build Ansible source distributions, docs, changelogs, and more. I mainly focus on antsibull and antsibull-core.


I am an ansible-documentation committer. I help review PRs and help with our development tooling.

Ansible release engineering

I am a release manager for the upstream ansible community package PyPI releases.

Fedora packaging

I maintain several packages in the Fedora Linux repositories.

Ansible stack

I maintain ansible, ansible-core, ansible-builder, ansible-packaging, and several ansible collection and other ecosystem packages. See Flock 2023: Ansible in Fedora and EPEL.


I maintain the yt-dlp package, the successor to youtube-dl.


I maintain the hut package, the blessed CLI tool for the Sourcehut code forge.


orjson is a PyO3 Rust Extension module for (de)serializing JSON. I still prefer the builtin json module…

Miscellaneous Python libraries

I (co-)maintain other essential Python libraries and tools, including python-flit, python-flit-core, and python-trove-classifiers.


I am an active member of the Golang Special Interest Group. I maintain a couple library packages and have taken over maintainership of our packaging tools.


I am an upstream maintainer of go-rpm-macros, the RPM generators and macros used to build Go software in Fedora.


CI Badge

I am an upstream maintainer of go2rpm, the RPM specfile generation tool for Go projects.


CI Badge

I wrote go-vendor-tools, a set of scripts and RPM macros to help package vendored Go software in a Guidelines-compliant manner.


I maintain the tooling for the Go Package Data repository, a set of data about Go packages and dependencies in Fedora. This was initially developed for the Mass_Retire_Golang_Leaves Change.