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Week of 2023-12-10 (and the other weeks I missed)

Open source

I got back to improving our developer tooling for ansible-documentation. Amongst other tasks, I integrated the docs build process into the nox configuration.

I performed Fedora distgit and ansible-documentation code reviews as usual.

As discussed in My First Ansible Release, I have been working on improving the testing for the collections in the ansible package. My PR antsibull to enable this is now ready for review! The PR allows cloning all the collections in the ansible package, running sanity tests, and collecting the results. I also created to store the test results and coordinate filing issues against broken collections. Feedback is welcome in the forum post!

I helped create a hot fix antsibull-docs release to address a new ansible-core change that broke the Ansible documentation.

I started working on plans for the next major release of antsibull-core, the library used by the other antsibull tools.

I started working on improving sourcehutx’s documentation.

I reported an issue against dnf5 for an issue that broke fedrq’s CI.

Speaking of fedrq, I have done some work on cleaning up the API and preparing to add support for recursively resolving package queries. The Repoquery.resolve_pkg_specs interface has gained some additional arguments to enable this. I spent some time going through dnf and libdnf5’s package Goal APIs and planning out a compatibility layer between them in the same way I’ve done for the Package and Query APIs.

I have also worked on tomcli, my CLI tool for querying and modifying TOML files and cut 0.4.0 and 0.5.0 releases (changelog). I improved the documentation a bit. I added new subcommands and more flexible output formatting. I reduced the dependencies by switching from typer to click for CLI parsing and from hatchling to flit_core for the Python build backend. The goal is to make tomcli easier to bootstrap so it can be adopted more easily by baseline Python packages in Fedora. I would like to release 1.0.0 and finish stabilizing the CLI API.

I submitted a PR to Fedora’s python-click package to make it easier to bootstrap.

Musical of the week

The musical of the week is In the Heights. Lin Manuel Miranda wrote In the Heights in college long before he wrote Hamilton. The musical centers around a group of Dominican American families living in the gentrified Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City. I have managed to memorize the entire opening number. I will be seeing a local production of the musical in February. There is a movie version of the musical on (HBO) Max1.


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  1. HBO must have payed a ton of money to purchase…