Week of 2023-10-15 (and more!)

My migraines and depression have been quite bad the past couple weeks, so I took a little break from these posts.

After much ado, I finally submitted my Fedora Pydantic v2 Change for review. After more ado and some poking from @decathrope, the Change was finally announced. Thanks as well to @music for his help with the Change.

I have done my usual work on the ansible-documentation repository to review PRs and improve dev tooling. I started a discussion on squashing vs. merging vs. rebasing when applying Github pull requests. I worked on an improvement to the way our issue/PR triager and pip-compile Github Actions authenticate with the Github API. I reviewed a couple PRs from the community. I updated our PR triager to warn contributors when their changes modify automatically generated files.

I also reviewed a change to enable codespell in the ansible-documentation repo. One of the issues is the naive way in which the tool parses its configuration. I plan to work on a PR to improve it next week.

I worked on packaging hatch-requirements-txt for Fedora. It’s a hatchling plugin that allows sourcing package requirements from a requirements.txt external to pyproject.toml. Of course, it had a new unpackaged test dependency that in turn required an entirely new build system called whey that in turned required even more dependencies. I decided to patch the new test dependency to use setuptools…

I preformed my usual ansible, ansible-core, and ansible-collection-* package updates and assisted with a couple distgit PR reviews.

I helped resolve a situation where duplicate packages were introduced into Fedora.

I’ve contributed some minor changes to the new maubot-fedora Matrix-native Zodbot replacement.

I helped with efforts to move Ansible Community Steering Committee votes to the new Ansible Community Forum.

The musical of the week is Waitress. Waitress, based on the 2007 movie by late director Adrienne Shelly, focusses on a masterful pie baker and waitress. Jenna grapples with life in a small Southern town and an abusive husband. The musical sensitively chronicles Jenna’s journey towards self reliance and realization, as well as her dream of ending her toxic marriage and establishing her own pie shop.


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