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Week of 2023-10-22 and Israel statement

Open Source

The Ansible Community Steering Committee is working on revamping our voting process to use the new community forum. We previously used Github Issues for discussions and created Github Discussions with +1/-1 comments for voting that we counted manually. The plan is to switch over to the forum and use the nice poll feature to count votes for us. I participated in discussions bikeshedding about specific process details and reviewed the policy change PR.

The Go macros in Fedora have a lua function/RPM macro to generate a Go package name based on an import path by replacing / with - along with other normalization. It turns out the way that the macro generates names for compat packages is contrary to the Packaging Guidelines and has been for the past five years. @eclipseo and I discussed the situation and he submitted PRs to go-rpm-macros and go2rpm to change the naming algorithm that I reviewed.

I worked on backporting these changes to the go-rpm-macros-epel EPEL 9 backport. We have had an entirely separate package that selectively overrides macros, as RHEL ignored our bugs and PRs to fix its broken patches. I decided to switch to a source git-based structure instead of keeping code in distgit. There is now a separate epel9 distgit branch in the upstream go-rpm-macros repository.

I have continued working on the dev tooling in the ansible-docuemntation repository and fixed an issue with our pipx installation instructions.

As usual, I reviewed various distgit PRs and Ansible documentation changes.

Musical of the Week

The musical of the week is Hadestown. Hadestown recounts the Greek tragedy of Orpheus, a wide-eyed songwriter and son of a muse, and Eurydice, a tortured young girl simply searching for something to eat and a warm place to sleep. Hadestown’s jazz-infused score and terrifying industrial re-imagination of the Underworld bring the chilling tale to life. I saw the musical in Chicago last summer and quite enjoyed it other than the overly pitchy Orpheus understudy.


I’m also featuring The Decolonization Narrative Is Dangerous and False from The Atlantic that counteracts some problematic rhetoric about Israel and covers the wider context of the conflict.

I condemn the Hamas terrorists who killed, mutilated, raped, and kidnapped innocent civilians, including grandparents, pregnant women, and children. The Kibbutzniks who Hamas attacked were peaceful, left-leaning Israelis, many of whom advocated for peace, opposed the hard right government and West Bank settlement expansion, and even spoke Arabic. I also mourn the loss of innocent Palestinians in Gaza, while recognizing Israel’s right to neutralize the Hamas terrorists in a manner that minimizes civilian deaths. Hamas seeks to sabotage the peace process and annihilate the Jewish people, all while deliberately endangering its own people.


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