Week of 2023-09-17

I wrote a draft Update_To_Pydantic_Version_2 Change to update Pydantic to version 2 in Fedora. I need to clean it up and submit it for community feedback.

As part of this work, I submitted a PR to Matrix synapse to add compatibility for the new version. For now, it uses the pydantic.v1 compat module until pydantic v1 support can be dropped completely.

I attended the FESCo meeting to discuss an issue relating to Fedora ELN. It seems we have reached some common ground.

I attended the Ansible Docs WG meeting and helped with the ansible-documentation repository branching process.

In case you haven’t heard, the Ansible community has a new forum at https://forum.ansible.com. I started a forum group for folks who maintain Ansible-releated packages in Linux distributions. So far, we have folks from Fedora, Arch, and the Ubuntu PPA!

I helped with some changes to the rust-packaging macros to fix an issue affecting written-in-Rust Python extension modules and automate vendoring for RHEL/ELN.

I participated in miscellaneous Ansible Community Steering Committee discussions and Fedora distgit PR reviews, as usual.

The musical of the week is Les Misérables, a classic and one of my favorites. I saw it twice, once in Chicago and again in London while I was in the vicinity for Flock to Fedora. It is a sung-through musical, which I particularly like. There is a reason it is one of the longest running musicals.


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