Week of 2023-09-10

I have spent a good amount of time on packaging pydantic v2 for Fedora. The current state is documented on my wiki. I have a couple more packages to fix, and I need to actually write the change proposal.

I submitted an RPM PR to add a Provides generator for RPM lua modules. This was inspired by my work on the forge-srpm-macros lift and shift and wanting a way to express a dependency on the shared forge.lua code without needing to account for the old and new package name. Panu merged it on Friday.

I worked on enabling the rust extension module and updating python-libcst in Fedora.

I reviewed a couple other distgit PRs, including one from ELN.

I cut a small release of fedrq. This release adds supoort for pydantic v2, which fedrq uses to parse its config file. It also adds an experimental --extra-exact flag that I used as part of my pydantic v2 work. I need to go back to clean up and document that feature.

The musical of the week is Come From Away. It covers the experiences of the 7000 passengers stranded in Newfoundland, Canada when their planes were diverted after the 9/11 attacks. It is a touching story of community and human kindness. The show boasts great music, innovative staging, and well placed humor. I saw it in Chicago, and there’s also a recording of the full show on Apple TV+.

Dental surgery recovery has been no fun. The whole thing has also irritated my grinding problems and migraines.


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