Week of 2023-09-03

My Revitalize_Forge_Macros Fedora Change was approved! This entails moving macros.forge and forge.lua out of redhat-rpm-config into a new upstream project. The Bodhi update was already merged into rawhide and eln.

I helped review a pyproject-rpm-macros PR that adds a flag to %pyproject_check_import to allow passing the test if no importable modules are found. This will be used for automated pyp2spec builds in Copr. It’s a bit of a fun one, involving new pytest unit tests, argument processing in lua, and escaping RPM macros.

I started a discussion amongst the Ansible Community Steering Committee about how the new Ansible Galaxy codebase should name roles.

I worked on packaging pydantic-core for Fedora. See my musings on Mastodon. Thanks to Fabio for reviewing the Rust dependencies.

This week’s musical of the week is Shucked. Alex Newell is great in it, but the show is a bit kitschy.

I got dental surgery this week. I’m currently mourning solid food.

I submitted a couple PRs to the ansible-documentation repo to improve our workflow automation (lockfiles, issue/PR labeling, etc.).

I also started this little blog.