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Week of 2023-03-03

Open source

I have devoted most of my open source dev time this week to go-vendor-tools. See last week’s report and “Fedora Go Unbundling is Broken” for more information. There will likely be more discussion on this during Monday’s Go SIG meeting.

Next week, I plan to work on finishing up the antsibull-core v3.0.0 release and some of the other Ansible-related tasks I kind of shirked this week. There are a few active Steering Committee discussions on the Ansible Forum. I also need to finish the next steps of my Ansible package–wide testing effort. Mainly, that consists of checking back on each issue I filed against broken collections.

Musical of the week

The musical of the week is Avenue Q. Think about it as a somewhat dirty (“adult”) staged musical version of Sesame Street. The show consists mostly of puppets, sans the three human characters. Avenue Q’s eclectic cast of characters (attempt to) get about their lives in an “outer-outer borough” of New York City. The musical dives head first into racism, dating, financial instability, sexuality (the show addresses the gay Bert & Ernie theory), sex work, and other topics. Apparently, someone at MTI thought it would be a good idea to develop Avenue Q School Edition. The school edition replaces “The Internet Is For Porn” with “My Social Life Is Online”; I guess the puppet sex scene is also removed. Avenue Q inspired Trey Parker and Matt Stone to author The Book of Mormon musical.

Suggested reading

The Atlantic April 2024 Issue’s cover story is “The Golden Age of American Jews Is Ending” (gift link). The article discusses the rise of antisemitism on the left and right of the political spectrum and how Jews have been ostracized from the liberal movements we helped establish.


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